Shady Khalaf

A thriving Actor and Acting Coach, Shady Khalaf performed in more than 25 films, plays and TV series. He received the Best Actor Award twice at Alexandria International Film Festival for his role in Stolen Kisses (Qobolat Masroka) in 2008. He participated in the Acting for Film workshop at Met film school in London in 2014. Shady Khalaf is the founder of Studio ZAT.Khalaf started acting when he was still a student at Faculty of Commerce, English section, at Ain Shams University, where his true passion for acting sparked his interest to pursue a career in acting.In 2002, he graduated from Studio El Momasel. Afterwards, he worked as an Acting Coach at Studio El Momasel for four years, besides other places where he trained young actors for basic acting skills and improvisation.Shady took part in several plays and TV series, and he also achieved success in films. Among all, theater became Shady’s favorite medium and he dreams of having a theater of his own where he leads a stage crew. Besides acting, Khalaf is also talented in poetry-writing. Shady also participated in several international workshops, along with international film festivals, where the film When Monaliza Smiled (Lamma Dehket Monaliza) was screened in 2012, including; Venice Film Festival 2008, Dubai International Film Festival 2013, Muscat International Film Festival, Oman 2014, Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden 2013, Carthage Film Festival 2012 and Oran Arab Film Festival, Algeria 2013. 

Ahmed Samy

A young thriving actor and director, Ahmed Samy started his career as a Team Leader at Cairo University Theatre in 2006, along with other theatres. In 2008, he founded Hussein Mahmoud Theatre Group, which did not stop him from participating in many acting workshops. Samy has also worked as an Assistant Director and a Casting Director for many projects such as the Swedish film Under Pyramiden. As an actor, he landed roles in works, including the film Al Mosafer (The Traveler). Ahmed Samy received several awards for theater directing, including; Cairo University’sBest Stage Director Award in 2011 and the Special Jury Award of 12th Festival de s Jeunes Createurs in 2014, In 2016, Ahmed Samy received the Special Jury Award at Cairo University’s Festival for Long Plays for his play Amadeus which is written by Peter Shafer. He was also selected by the Institut Français d'Egypte (The French institute in Egypt) to attend the Avignon Festival in France in 2014.

Ahmed Achrafi

Since 2011, Ahmed Achrafi worked as a freelance actor and performer in many plays, contemporary dance performances, short films and TV ads. Achrafi has also participated in several acting and performing workshops, including Ahmed Kamal’s Studio El Momasel as well as Studio ZAT. As an Acting Coach, Achrafi conducts acting workshops for both children and adults in many places, such as the AUC’s Summer Session. In addition, he had a two-month internship in Portugal teaching drama for kids and people with special needs.He was part of many theater performances, such as the interactive theatre performance Taxi for khaled el Khamisi, and the contemporary dance performance Everyone is Sneakingly Avoiding the Blue Lighter in 2012. He has also been part of several plays, including Tholathi (2014) and El Wafed (2015), which were part of the last two editions of 2B Continued Lab and Festival at the AUC Falaki theatre. lately, Achrafi took part at D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival) with the contemporary theatre performance; Zyarat Manzleya (Home Visit), directed by the German Rimini Protokoll.

Passant Bassem

Passant  has a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management from the British University in Egypt. She has worked as a teaching assistant in BUE for four years; and has earned her Master's degree in Public Administration from the American University in Cairo. She is currently working as a psychometrician in ASSESS Talent Management. Passant is enrolled in the Actors' Preparation programme in studio ZAT with the acting coach Shady Khalaf where she also took vocalise classes with Mohamed Osman and dancing classes with Mohamed Shafik.

Salma Maher

Salma Maher, a 21-year old student in mass communication major broadcasting in MSA university. In the college, salma has made projects that includes presenting, editing directing programs, reports, and documentaries. She first joined an advertisment campaign for Freska biscuits in 2014 then joined acting workshops with Shady Khalaf, Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Mokhtar, and took vocalise workshop with Mohamed Osman, and dancing workshop for actors with Mohamed Shafik. During the two years of studying acting she joined in 2 short movies and a Theatrical play called Forsa directed by Hany Taher, besides the scenes made in Studio Zat.

Noha Elkholy

Noha graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science Department in Alexandria in 1985. She took Theatre and Film courses at the American University in Cairo and acting workshops with Sarah Warren at Studio Zat. She acted in several plays: ” Guys and Dolls”, “Dead Man’s Cell Phone”, “Tragedy a Tragedy” and “True West” produced by AUC, in addition to “Ruined”  produced by Heya and “To Kill a Mockingbird” produced by The Helen O’Grady Drama School. Noha also acted in “Asham” a feature film directed by Maggie Morgan and in three short films “Fe makanha” directed by Maggie Morgan, “El Bostan ElSaeed Street” directed by Maysoon ElMasry, and “Nahar Kharegy” directed by Ahmed El-Shamaa.

Amr Samir

Amr Samir Abdel-Shakour, 28 years old actor and theatrical director, and directing assistant. He has a bachelor degree from Cairo University in accounting in 2013. During the college years he joins plays and received the best director award in 2012. He directed three plays and worked as assistant director in other 5 plays. He acted in more than 20 plays and a short movie. He has also worked as an assistant casting director for Egyptian movies.