Surrealist Women - In Development

“I didn’t have time to be anyone’s muse... I was too busy rebelling...and learning how to be an artist”

-- Leonora Carrington

 Surrealist Women is a devised play based on the writing and paintings of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo and the photography of Kati Horna. We will be drawing inspiration from ‘The Hearing Trumpet’ by Carrington and short stories and journals of both artists. Subverting the notions of the female, ageing and sexuality,  7 actresses and 1 musician delve into the unquestionably inspired worlds of Carrington, Varo and Horna.

Performed in English, French and Spanish - a visceral play of many voices spun together with experimental music.



Surrealist Women

a play in development experimenting with paintings by Leonora Carrington






 Leonora Carrington, Photo by Kati Horna

Leonora Carrington, Photo by Kati Horna

We are currently in a Research and Development phase for this project

Collaborators include:  Miranda Calderon, Alaine Hutton, Miriam Fernandes, Nina Gilmour, Martha Ross, Michele Smith, Elodie Monteau, Jayne Walling.