Press and Quotes


First Draft

Flirts with contemporary expressionism... the short bursts of humour breaks up the tragedy (and) are all the more effective for their unexpectedness.
— Views from the Gods
philosophical musings interspersed with brilliantly choreographed dance and physical theatre
— Full Stop Arts, Michael Reffold, Mimetic Festival for “First Draft,” London, UK
[Open Heart Surgery Theatre] is to be applauded for demonstrating the boundless possibilities afforded by physical theatre [ ...a] melancholy quest for freedom
— ”Full Stop Arts, Michael Reffold, Mimetic Festival for “First Draft”, London, UK

This Is Why We Live

Pour sa première création internationale, la cie Open Heart Surgery nous offre une plongée fantasque à la découverte de la poésie sensible et éclatée de Wislawa Szymborska. Mise en corps clownesque dans un champs d’oignons et de lucioles. Une proposition sincère et habité
— La Jaseuse, Lea Bernier Coffineau, Paris, France
This is a theatre piece that relights the aura of routine, day-to-day life for our self-obsessed times.
— Trevor Abes, Theatre Reader, "This Is Why We Live" at The Theatre Centre